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Chromium Music Group is an Independent label and Publisher established in 2017 to release artistic concept albums. All the albums in our rapidly growing catalogue contain worldwide master and publishing rights which allows us to offer same day licensing 24/7.

At Chromium, we are passionate about working with the best composers, recording in the best studios and working with outstanding orchestras to ensure every album in our catalogue has an extra bit of cinematic magic and quality. We understand the power music can have to transform visual content and portray emotion, so we’ve created a simple music search tool for busy creatives to find the right track.

You can easily sign up to Chromium+, where you can search through the catalogue using keywords to help find the perfect track for your content. We own both the publishing and master rights to all our music, so we can always provide a one-stop clearance.

You can sign up from here. Or say hello by sending us an e-mail – we’re always happy to help with any music searches!


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