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Chromium Music Group is an Independent label and Publisher established in 2017 to release artistic concept albums. All the albums in our rapidly growing catalogue contain worldwide master and publishing rights which allows us to offer same day licensing 24/7.




This latest EP from Jasha Klebe (Planet Earth II, Medal of Honor) is a cinematic piano study through the multiple forms of time.  With oscillating, bell-like motifs in Pendulum, to rhythmic echoing in A Memory Elapsed, time is represented, with ever-shifting movements and textures before culminating to a booming reverberation of piano and cascading strings concluding Fleeting Sunrise.

Reverie is the second studio album by composer Thomas Farnon. The 10-track album is a cinematic explosion of colour drawn and inspired by dreaming. The spellbinding masterpiece is emotionally striking and was recorded, mixed and mastered at AIR studios in November 2018. Conducted by Mike MacLennan, ‘Reverie’ features a large string orchestra augmented by six soloists including Andy Massey, Peter Gregson, John Mills and Caroline Dale. Leading tracks from the album include impassioned ‘Transcendence’ and the multi-layered ‘Sleep’.

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