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Thomas Farnon releases first choral album 'Solace'.

21 Jun 19

After six months writing and recording the follow up to 'Reverie',  Thomas Farnon releases his first choral album 'Solace'. The 8 track showpiece includes tracks Opium, Paradisium and I Will Try. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at AIR studios in March 2019 and features London Voices Choir, conducted by Terry Edwards. It is available worldwide on all major digital platforms here.

The Recording of 'Solace' - Behind the Scenes

13 Jun 19

Take a behind the scenes look at the creative journey taken by composer Thomas Farnon in creating his latest showpiece, an 8-track choral album titled 'Solace'. Solace was recorded, mixed and mastered at AIR studios in March 2019, featuring the London Voices Choir which were conducted by Terry Edwards.

Discussing his latest work, Thomas reveals ‘Solace is about evoking emotion and sensations. With the human voice carrying so much life and with each voice having its own story, it gives it the best chance for people to feel something and to feel connected to the music’

‘Solace’ will be available worldwide from 21.06.19. Available to pre-order now!

From the Vaults #1: Summer Rose - David Farnon

3 Jun 19

Our brand new 'From the Vaults' feature highlights one of our tracks from the catalogue and gives a little insight into the creative journey and the influence behind the track. The first of the series is David Farnon's beautiful piece 'Summer Rose' taken from his album 'The Dancing Garden'.

A note from David: "In the Grand Pas de Deux, one of the many highlights from his ballet The Nutcracker, Tchaikovsky takes the simplest of musical material, a descending G major scale, and creates a beautiful and memorable theme. I thought it would be fun to attempt to emulate this, using a simple descending musical scale as the main theme. The result is Summer Rose, from the Suite for Piano The Dancing Garden."

Summer Rose, as part of 'The Dancing Garden' is available here



Introducing 'Solace' - Thomas Farnon

1 Jun 19

Following his outstanding previous album 'Reverie', Thomas Farnon introduces his latest collection of work, an 8 track choral showpiece titled 'Solace'. Solace features leading tracks 'Opium', 'I Will Try' and 'Well Trained Smile' and has so far received tremendous support including the radio premiere of 'Well Trained Smile' over on BBC Radio 3. 

Solace is my purest work, it was instinctive to write and draws on different experiences and observations from the past year. - Thomas Farnon

Pre-order Solace // Available worldwide from 21st June 2019. 


"I Will Try" will be released 17th May

30 Apr 19

"I Will Try" the first single from Thomas Farnon's forthcoming  choral album "Solace" - I Will Try is the centrepiece of the album presenting a sense of selfless perseverance that is so rare yet so moving in today's world. Recorded at Air Studios in March 2019 it feautres the London Voices conducted by Terry Edwards.

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On The Journey Of A Soul - Released 29th March

24 Mar 19

‘On the Journey of a Soul’ is the latest orchestral work from classical and media composer David Farnon. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at AIR studios, London in November 2018, where David conducted the first recording.

Come on an emotional musical journey, with a string orchestra, solo violin and a soprano singing wordless sounds. After a gentle, elegiac opening the music gradually builds, through three variations, changing imperceptibly from minor to major mode, intensifying and culminating in its joyful zenith and a peaceful repose. The journey is at an end.

‘On the Journey of a Soul’ is scheduled for worldwide release 29th March 2019 on all major digital platforms.


Jasha Klebe's "Time-lapse" released worldwide on 15/02/19

7 Feb 19

‘Time-lapse’, the latest EP from Jasha Klebe, (Planet Earth II, Medal of Honor), is a cinematic piano study through the multiple forms of time. With oscillating, bell-like motifs in Pendulum, to rhythmic echoing in A Memory Elapsed, time is represented, with ever-shifting movements and textures before culminating to a booming reverberation of piano and cascading strings concluding in Fleeting Sunrise.

The 4-track showpiece was recorded, mixed and mastered at Master Chord in London during December 2018, featuring pianist Andy Massey (Max Richter). 

"REVERIE" Released worldwide!

24 Jan 19

‘Reverie’ is the second studio album by composer Thomas Farnon. The 10-track album is a cinematic explosion of colour drawn and inspired from dreaming. The spellbinding masterpiece is emotionally striking and was recorded, mixed and mastered at AIR studios in November 2018. Conducted by Mike MacLennan, ‘Reverie’ features a large string orchestra augmented by six soloists including Andy Massey, Peter Gregson, John Mills and Caroline Dale.

Sony Movie Channel - Christmas Stars

22 Dec 18

Chromium Music Group recently worked on the music for the Sony Movie Channel’s Christmas Stars campaign. Listen here!

Reverie - The Making Of

7 Dec 18

Thomas Farnon’s new album Reverie was released worldwide on 11th January 2019. Here is a behind the scenes clip filmed at the recording session taking place at AIR Lyndhurst Studios in November 2018.

The Simplest Things - video release

2 Jul 18 | Alex

The video for Thomas Farnon’s latest CMG track ‘The Simplest of Things’ is available to watch now. The visualiser was directed by Hieu Vu to conceptualise the essence of the track – ‘Simplicity is never simple’. Take a watch.

New releases June 2018

21 Jun 18 | by Alex

We released two new albums in June 2018; Nothing Too Serious by Thomas Farnon – a quirky, intimate and cinematic album influence by human thoughts and memories. The second album is David Farnon’s Welcome to the Party, which is an album of comic dances and character portraits. Both albums were recorded in May 2018 at Mastercord Studios and mixed at AIR studios by Adam Miller. They feature Tippett String Quartet, Frank Riccotti on pitched percussion, Chris Laurence on bass, Jan Hendrickse on ethnic WW and Dominic Ashworth on Guitar. Both albums are available now worldwide on all major digital platforms.

"A" Released Worldwide

12 Mar 18

Thomas Farnon’s album ‘A’ was recorded at AIR Lyndhurst in February 2018 with the London Session Orchestra and solo cellist Peter Gregson. Thomas wrote ‘A’ as an emotional and cinematic piece focusing on different things we all experience. The title track of the album is a circular track that constantly builds and develops before dropping out to solo piano revealing the emotional heart of the piece. ‘A Compulsion’, embodies a piano string orchestra and two solo violinists playing very fast and from opposite ends of the studio. The album is available worldwide across all major digital platforms.

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