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Jasha Klebe

Selected tracks:

[: • 03:42 ] from the album Time-lapse
A Memory Elapsed  
[: • 03:52 ] from the album Time-lapse
Broken Hourglasses  
[: • 02:51 ] from the album Time-lapse
Fleeting Sunrise  
[: • 03:53 ] from the album Time-lapse

Jasha Klebe

Jasha Klebe is a composer known for emotive melodies and impactful scores. Most notably, Jasha co-scored the BAFTA and Emmy nominated music of BBC's Planet Earth II, alongside Hans Zimmer and Jacob Shea. He additionally provided music to the follow up series, Blue Planet II, as well as wrote the Emmy nominated music of National Geographic’s Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes.  Jasha also composed the score to Netflix's Oscar nominated documentary, Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight For Freedom.  His music can be most recently heard on the Netflix Original documentary series, Medal of Honor, directed by James Moll and produced by Robert Zemeckis.

Latest album: Time-lapse



This latest EP from Jasha Klebe (Planet Earth II, Medal of Honor) is a cinematic piano study through the multiple forms of time.  With oscillating, bell-like motifs in Pendulum, to rhythmic echoing in A Memory Elapsed, time is represented, with ever-shifting movements and textures before culminating to a booming reverberation of piano and cascading strings concluding Fleeting Sunrise.

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