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Selected tracks:

I Will Try  
[: • 03:08 ] from the album Solace
[: • 03:15 ] from the album Reverie
[: • 02:17 ] from the album Reverie
[: • 02:56 ] from the album Reverie
[: • 03:48 ] from the album Reverie
The Simplest of Things  
[: • 03:13 ] from the album Nothing Too Serious
[: • 02:00 ] from the album Nothing Too Serious
A Compulsion  
[: • 02:31 ] from the album A
[: • 03:52 ] from the album A
With a Heavy Heart  
[: • 01:36 ] from the album Thin Air

Thomas Farnon

Thomas is a composer born in Guernsey. He studied at Wells Cathedral School and Trinity College of Music, London. His teachers included Joseph Phibbs, Stephen Montague, Richard Causton and John Ashton Thomas.

Working frequently alongside Lorne Balfe, Rupert Gregson Williams and Hans Zimmer, Thomas has contributed music for films such as: The Legend of Tarzan, Hacksaw Ridge, The Ridiculous 6, Wonder Woman, Churchill, Dough, American Hero, Neflix's The Crown and Open Season:Scared Silly. In addition he has written music for video games such as Assassins Creed 3, and the Skylanders series. For television, he has written music for The Story of God, AD the Bible Continues and Saints and Strangers amongst others. He has also worked on The Dark Knight Rises, Dreamwork's Madagascar, Home, and Kung Fu Panda 3 and Paramount's Terminator Genisys. With Lorne Balfe he recently co-produced the score for the new Warner Bros film Lego Batman movie. Thomas's music has been featured in shows such as: Ray Donovan, Oprah, Saturday Night Live, The Late Show, The One Show, Gareth's Invictus Choir, The Undateables, BBC News and many more.

To date Thomas has written three concept albums for Chromium Music Group and following on from his previous releases, ‘A’ and ‘Reverie’, Thomas explores the subtly and beauty of the choral voice on his new album ‘Solace’, released in Summer 2019. Working with the poems of ‘William Blake’, this album plays with dreamlike states in words, sounds and music, combining all three elements to draw the listener into a form of escapism.

Thomas works out of his studio in London.

Latest album: Solace



Inspired by States of being, "Solace", the forthcoming Choral album By Thomas Farnon draws on emotions and life stories, translating them through the human voice, to draw on the listerners experiance in a form of musical escapisim. "Solace" was recorded in March 2019 at AIR Studios London and features the London Voices conducted by Terry Edwards.

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