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Nothing Too Serious

Nothing Too Serious : Thomas Farnon

June 2018

Thomas Farnon's latest album : "Nothing Too Serious" is a collection of quirky, light and colourful tracks that take their inspiration from people and their memories. The recordings feature the world reknowned "Tippett" String quartet as well as Dominic Ashworth on Guitar, Thomas Farnon on Piano, Jan Hendrickse on Ethnic Woodwinds, Frank Ricotti on Percussion and Chris Laurence on Bass. Adam Miller engineered at Mastercord and Air Studios London. Released worldwide June 2018.


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Track excerpts

The Simplest of Things  
[: • 00:34 ]
[: • 00:31 ]
Not as It Always Seems  
[: • 00:28 ]
Ponder a While  
[: • 00:34 ]
Way Back Then  
[: • 00:33 ]